BackerKit Pledge Manager

We've teamed up with BackerKit to provide our backers with pledge management support for each of our Kickstarters. Backers are able to access their pledge in BackerKit soon after the Kickstarter campaign ends, and can use it to make sure everything's in order to receive their rewards.

BackerKit Tools

Adding to your Pledge

Most rewards from the Kickstarter available for individual purchase. This gives you a lot of freedom with how you can pledge initially, since you can pick and choose the rewards you'd like to have even if they aren't in your initial pledge tier. So, you could pledge for the digital-only version of the book, then in BackerKit add on a t-shirt or an extra sticker.

Just keep in mind that any additional rewards you add to your pledge won't be delivered until the rest of your physical rewards are ready to be sent out.

Here's an example of what that looked like in our first Kickstarter, Strongholds & Streaming:

Change Pledge Level

One of the other nifty things you can do in the pledge manager is completely change which pledge you want to back at. So, you can drop in $1 on the Kickstarter campaign, and when the pledge manager is open and you have access to it, you can select the pledge level you want and pay the difference. Similarly, if you selected a higher pledge but want to change to a lower one you can do that -- just keep in mind that Kickstarter will have already collected payment for the higher tier so you'll be left with "credit" that you can apply towards Add-Ons (it won't be automatically refunded since the pledge manager and Kickstarter are two separate systems/companies).

If you're not sure what rewards you want (maybe you're waiting for more Stretch Goals to unlock, or maybe you want to spread out how much you're paying at the time the Kickstarter campaign ends), we usually suggest picking the lowest pledge that has the rewards you're absolutely sure you want and then use the pledge manager afterwards to either change your pledge to the one you prefer or use the pledge manager store to pick and choose the Add-Ons to "build your own pledge".

Shipping Address

We use the pledge manager to collect shipping addresses when we're getting closer to shipping out all the physical rewards. At some point we'll lock down shipping addresses and that's when you'll know we're really close to packing everything up and sending it out, but before then you can submit your shipping address to us and you can also update it in case you move between the time the pledge manager opens and when we lock down addresses.

Pledge Reward Selections

There are some pledges that include a reward like a t-shirt where there are multiple options to choose from for size, color, etc. The pledge manager lets you choose the option you'd like for these kinds of rewards.

Fix Kickstarter Pledge Payment

Sometimes when Kickstarter attempts to process a pledge payment after a campaign ends, it fails for one reason or another. Maybe the credit/debit card is no longer valid, or the charge was flagged as potentially fraudulent by your financial institution and denied, or you entered in an old billing address. In these cases, your pledge will still be entered into the pledge manager system, but you'll need to fix your payment before you receive any of your rewards. The pledge manager will walk you through this process and prompt you to re-enter (or put in a new) method of payment and then process the charge.

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