Accessing Digital Products

Downloading Digital Products From the MCDM Store:

If you created an MCDM Shop account at checkout, you can log in and view your order history. Click on the link to the order with your PDF and on the order details page should be a link to download your file. If you didn't make an account, you can sign up for one using the email address you made your order with and it should automatically associate any previous orders with your account so they show up in your order history too.

Additionally a download link will be emailed to you via SendOwl, the 3rd party app we use to distribute digital files! :)

If you don't have any luck with these steps, click here to directly access the SendOwl order recovery page. Enter your email you used for your order and then click on "Resend Order Email". If there's an order tied to that email address, you'll get an email shortly with your download link! You can try out more than one email, so if you have multiple email addresses you might try putting some of those in as well.

Downloading Digital Kickstarter Rewards:

You can download your digital rewards for MCDM's Kickstarters in Backerkit! 

Flee Mortals!

Kingdom's & Warfare

Strongholds & Followers Kickstarter rewards are managed through the MCDM Store and are distributed via SendOwl, see the process above to access those files.

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