The Books


Our books are hardcovers, and their dimensions are 8.5" x 11"; they'll line up nicely on your bookshelf with the rest of your books from your favorite roleplaying games.

Kickstarter-Exclusive Hardcovers

The Kickstarter-Exclusive editions will have a black leatherette (pebbled texture) cover, and a red ribbon bookmark. The cover and spine will also feature the title of the book in debossed gold foil, and there'll be a debossed MCDM logo on the front. The books also include a dust jacket featuring the standard cover artwork.

Can I buy the Exclusive book versions from the shop post Kickstarter?

No; the Kickstarter-Exclusive editions are... [suspenseful music] Kickstarter-Exclusive! :)

No Gold Foil Edges?

Due to printer limitations and other things, the original S&F and K&W Kickstarter-Exclusive editions did not come with gold foil edges. However it is our intention to provide gold foil edges to those who opted to "wait for a reprint" of their K&W Kickstarter-Exclusive books.

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