Mini Assembly Guides

We have mini assembly guides made by Jason! As new guides are completed they will be added here and to the minis respective store page and here for easy access.

Prepping Minis for Painting

All minis come be unpainted and unassembled, and those with multiple parts will be on sprues (the plastic connectors between the pieces). Some of the smaller minis may be a single part, but in general expect to cut out the pieces, do a bit of clean-up with an Xacto knife and file (make sure to wash the pieces after), fill any smaller gaps with "green stuff", then assemble with super glue and apply primer.

There are lots of YouTube videos that covers all the basics of preparing resin miniatures for painting; this one seems to be popular (check the sidebar for more):

Kingdoms and Warfare Minis

Flee Mortals! Minis

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