The Minis

Kingdoms & Warfare Minis

We're super excited to be teaming up with our miniature partners, Trenchworx, again for the Kingdoms & Warfare Kickstarter! We produced over 18 unique, high quality resin miniatures ranging in size from 35mm to 190mm -- including the biggest miniature: the Kickstarter-Exclusive Onyx Dragon, CTHRION URONIZIIR. The non-exclusive minis are available to pre-order on the shop.

The Original Gemstone Dragons

Our first minis were produced exclusively for our Strongholds & Streaming Kickstarter; they were 5 Gemstone Dragon minis: Topaz Wyrmling, Young Emerald, Adult Ruby, Adult Amethyst, and Ancient Sapphire.

Those specific sculpts are Kickstarter-Exclusive for that campaign, so we're no longer manufacturing them. However, we're definitely interested in making more gemstone dragon minis (like the Onyx for K&W) and may explore different poses for the original 5 that we'd sell at a later time. We know y'all love them, but we want to make sure we're honoring the promise we made to our earliest supporters! :D

Mini Assembly Guides

We have mini assembly guides made by Jason! Check them out here!

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